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The 1686 Makassar R...

The 1686 Makassar Revolt was one of the most well documented and bloodiest battles in the Kingdom of Ayutthaya during the reign of King Narai.  

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The 1686 Makassar Revolt was one of the most well documented and bloodiest battles in the Kingdom of Ayutthaya during the reign of King Narai.

Ayutthaya at that time was backed by the English and French, while the majority of Makassar fighters were Makasaar and Malays.

According to sources, there were approximately 20,000 Malays at the Kampung Melayu of Ayutthaya (also known as Makassan or Kampung Makassar) - out of which, the Javanese from Java, Minangkabau of Sumatra and Makassar were the majority. There was also a group of Champa Malays in the settlement.


In Bangkok, 400 Siamese and European musketeers and pikemen against 50 Makassar fighters while in Ayutthaya, 7-8000 Siamese and 40-60 Europeans against 100-200 Makassar fighters.


In Bangkok, 366 Siamese and Europeans killed, while 17 Makassars killed and in Ayutthaya, 17 Europeans and about 1000 Siamese were killed against all 100-200 Makassar fighters who were killed and captured.

*** number of vessels and ships were intentionally left out***

According to Michael Smithies' Accounts of the Makassar Revolt, 1686, de Forbin (one of the French naval commander) wrote, "Indeed, I do not know any people in the world as bold as these Makassars... like madmen, there are no perils they will not face; the number of their adversaries does not frighten them in the least, any more than the death of their companions.

Though wounded and blood-stained, they fight to their last breath; they are nimble and can jump on a man from a great distance. They die happy provided they have killed. Their visual appearance is frightful.

Sometimes after having been struck by a mortal blow, they rise up again and use the remaining thread of their life to kill their enemy. They fight with their krisses which they vow never to separate from, and with lances and spears which they manipulate with considerable address and strength.

They also have small needles which they blow from blowpipes; their tips are covered with a poison which knows virtually no remedy. Seen among them were children fighting with a furor which belied their age... Several charms were mentioned which they use to make themselves invulnerable and to deflect the effects of firearms, but they were to no avail on this occasion.”

Credit: Khen HM
Image source: Ayutthaya Historical Study Centre (year 1990)

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